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At Think Investment Realty we pride ourselves on challenging the conventional way people go about property investments. Primarily based in Queensland, we actively search for the right properties, in the right area, at the right time to maximize growth and yield for our clients.

We source land, house and land packages, units and townhouses, as well as off the plan opportunities suitable for investors in well researched areas.

We present these properties at a series of seminars around the state, where ‘wealth creation clients’ can choose from a smorgasbord of properties in order to further them in the path to financial security / independence.

We manage the entire process for you. We:

  • Negotiate with the developers on your behalf to get the very best price
  • Check that the planned finish and fittings for your investment are relevant to your needs
  • Assure that colour selection and fit out is suitable for your property
  • Notify you when you should approve the progress draws for payment
  • Ensure developer stays on track and is time wise with build to get a speedy finish
  • Ensure construction contract is a fixed price and can only be varied with your authorisation
  • Keep you up to date through the whole process

Jack Childs – Principal and Owner

As the Principal of Think Investment Realty, Jack is passionate about empowering clients in order to create wealth through property by providing relevant and factual information on market trends and analysis, and sourcing property from areas based on thorough due diligence and proven track records.

Jack and his team physically inspect all proposed projects in our selected growth areas to ensure only the best quality investments are available. Jack is also a member of the Master Builders Association and has more than 36 yrs. experience in the building industry.

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