AQUIS Great Barrier Reef Resort

THE Aquis Great Barrier Reef Resort – the largest investment in tourism infrastructure in Australia’s history – has reached another important milestone with the release yesterday of a detailed Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The 4,000 page document provides a comprehensive overview of the issues and mitigation strategies associated with the project and is the culmination of thousands of hours of work by some of Queensland and Australia’s leading experts on the environmental, social and economic impacts of large-scale projects.

The EIS is available on the newly-redesigned Aquis website or from the Queensland Government’s Department of State Development, Infrastructure & Planning.

Since concept plans were released in late 2013 the Aquis project has made some major changes to reflect feedback and consultation with the Cairns community and the Local, State and Federal Governments. The new plan includes some exciting changes and enhancements. Here are just some of the key facts about the new Aquis:

  • 340.6 ha– total site area
  • 7,500– total rooms across eight luxury hotels
  • $8.15 billion– total budget across two stages from 2014-2024
  • 2018– scheduled opening date
  • $55.4 billion– economy wide value added by 2030
  • $18.5 billion– total tax contribution to governments from 2014-2030
  • 3,750– total jobs at peak construction in 2017
  • 20,000– total operational workforce
  • $1.4 billion– increase in Gross State Product (GSP) in 2017
  • 91%– community support for the project
  • 4,000– number of pages in Environmental Impact Statement


To assist with the community’s understanding of the project we have also compiled some useful Fact Sheets that address a range of issues

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