Coal Port ready to install first shiploader

THE first coal shiploader for the WICET project has arrived in the Port of Gladstone.

It marks a significant milestone for the company ahead of its first coal shipment in November.

The shiploader is an integral component of the WICET project that is on track to become Australia’s largest coal exporting terminal, according to CEO Robert Barnes.

“With approximately 850 people now working on the coal terminal site, construction is more than 90% complete,” he said.

“Following a two-week voyage to Australia, the shiploader was carried into Gladstone harbour aboard the Fairpartner, a heavy-lift vessel.”

This is now the end of a 26-month construction period at Port Klang that commenced in July 2012.

Unloading of the terminal’s first coal train is scheduled for October 22.


Weighs 1300 tonnes

Is 60m high

Can operate from a single berth

Capable of loading at 8250 tonnes per hour.

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