QGC has been the first of the big three gas companies to announce who’ll run and maintain its assets in the region.

Transfields Services has a five-year $200 million contract to look after its processing plants, compression stations, 2000 gas wells and connecting infrastructure.

Veolia Water has a 20-year $800 million contract to operate and maintain QGC’s three water treatment plants in the Surat Basin.

Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise’s Reagan Parle said there could be many business opportunities for local companies as subcontractor work gets divvied up.

“They will be looking for capable subcontractors for trade services, shut down assistance, parts replacement, electrical motor replacement, ongoing repair maintenance and small extensions to the facilities,” he told the WINO.

Mr Parle said while the large contractors were specialists in their technical roles and asset management there were many other jobs that would be farmed out.

Land easement and access management have already been flagged as possibilities for local business.

“That means the conditions of the roads, weeds, pest management, regrowth and on site security,” he said.

Mr Parle said it was the next six months should see major contractors clarify exactly what areas are up for grabs in terms of subcontractor opportunities.

Santos and Origin are yet to announce who’ll be looking after their facilities during the operations and maintenance stage of the project.

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