First gas arrives at APLNG plant on Curtis Island

AUSTRALIA Pacific LNG has reached a significant milestone with the arrival of first gas from its coal seam gas fields in the Surat Basin to its liquefied natural gas facility on Curtis Island.

The arrival of the first gas into the LNG facility also marks the completion of commissioning of the 530km high pressure gas pipeline, another important milestone for the project.
With completion of the pipeline and the arrival of the gas, Australia Pacific LNG can initiate commissioning of power generation facilities on the island.
The commissioning phase of the LNG facility also includes the verification and testing of each system of the first processing train and the two LNG tanks, which has already begun.
Australia Pacific LNG CEO Page Maxson said the achievement of the two major milestones demonstrated continued strong progress by Australia Pacific LNG.
“It paves the way for the commissioning of the power generation facilities on the island,” he said.
“These milestones have been achieved thanks to the incredible effort by the many people committed to safely delivering the Australia Pacific LNG project.
“Australia Pacific LNG looks forward to completing the final phase of construction and delivering first LNG in mid-2015.”
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