LNG Plant opens Darling Downs

THE Darling Downs hosted a Queensland first today with the opening of a micro LNG plant that will convert coal seam gas from the Surat Basin into a cleaner, cheaper fuel.

The $200 million plant, located at Columboola – between Chinchilla and Miles – was opened by Premier Campbell Newman on behalf of BOC.

BOC has entered into a long-term gas supply agreement with QGC in which QGC will supply gas collected in the Surat Basin, which BOC will then liquefy to produce liquid natural gas (LNG) for use on Australian soil in manufacturing, mining, and long-haul trucking.

The LNG could also be used as a cleaner source of power generation in remote communities.

The Premier said it was an example of how the resource-rich Surat Basin could be at the forefront of researching and developing more cost-effective and cleaner fuels.

“Our state has vast energy resources, but instead of just exporting those reserves I want Queenslanders to find new ways of developing cleaner and greener fuels,” Mr Newman said.

“If just a fraction of our trucking firms, mines and farms switched to domestically-produced fuels, we would see more jobs for our kids and lower emissions too.”

Also today, Mr Newman announced that a re-elected LNP Government would allow firms access to a $500 million “Strong Choices Innovation Fund” to develop next-generation fuels and energy sources.

“As well as opening our Innovation Fund, we’ll review regulations so more Queensland families and businesses can choose cheaper, greener fuels in the future,” Mr Newman said.

“We’ll invest $3.4 billion in solar power to reduce electricity costs and we’ll focus on improving remote community power networks where it’s cost effective to do so.”

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