More People Move To Regions

People moving to live and work in Australia naturally gravitate to the big cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, but research suggests regional parts of the country are becoming more popular. One of the issues is that house prices in some capital cities are becoming expensive, so a growing number of people are deciding to ditch the city lifestyle for more aid back regional centres around the country. According to an analysis of ABS figures, several factors have contributed to the gaining rise in city dwellers moving to regional areas, but affordability that is the main concern. Over the five years to June 2014, the latest available data, an average of almost 15,000 people net per year left Australia’s capital cities for regional areas. Over this period, the largest outbound movement came from Sydney with average of 19,257 net per year leaving. Regional New South Wales experienced the largest inflow, gaining an average of 6,824 persons net per year, most notably to coastal locations such as Port Macquarie and Shoalhaven.


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