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Our Process

Over 36 years experience – and 1,500 property acquisitions – means our process is down to a well defined science

Every step of our process helps us deliver a trustworthy service. It’s the basis behind our success rate and customer experience.

If you don’t have the time or experience to identify and secure your own investment property, it’s important you work with an experienced team. An experienced team can help secure the right property at the right price for you.

This is what Kay Millions and Helen Agius wanted when they came to us to help them build an investment property portfolio that put them on the path to financial freedom.

For Kay, it was important that we took care of the entire process without much involvement from her. All she had to do was decide on a property from our selection – we did the rest.

Helen appreciated that all of our communication happened via the phone, skype, email and online. She didn’t even have to travel down to the Sunshine Coast to purchase a property there.

Outstanding customer service is crucial for many of our clients. They want to know that we take their interests seriously.

Why our process matters

Before you’re willing to trust us with finding you an investment property, you may want to know more about our process.

How can we promise you an affordable and low-risk investment? And what makes our customer service stand out?

Here are the main steps that we take in order to give you the best possible results.

Step 1:


We start the process by assessing your unique situation. Our 36 years of experience give us the insight we need to evaluate your needs.

Are you looking to purchase your first investment property?

If so, we understand the concerns that you might have as a new property investor. During the evaluation, we will help you estimate your capacity. We also discuss the amount of time that you are able to put into maintaining your property.

On the other hand, you might be looking to add to an existing investment property portfolio.

For investors who already have one or more investment properties, stability and money management are key when it comes to future investments. We can help these clients leverage equity to make smart investments.

At this stage, we also discuss your preferences regarding the location, type and style of investments. If you have done some of your own research, we can review your choices and give our expert opinion of your options.

Over the past 10 years we have assisted our clients in investing in more than 1,500 properties.

We have the tools to make thorough judgments in any situation. Once we have evaluated our client’s situation, we can provide a personalized, customer-oriented service.

Step 2:


Following the evaluation, our team performs the necessary research that allows you to make a smart investment.

We dedicate a great deal of manpower to researching market trends across Australia with a focus on South East and Central Queensland. This means keeping in touch with infrastructure shifts. By keeping a close eye on innovations and developments, we pinpoint areas that are likely to experience a growing need for housing development.

When we take an area into consideration, we generally spend about a week doing the research from our office. Then we rate our research to make sure that we’re making the most objective assessment possible.

If we rate it highly enough, a team would go out to visit the location in person. There are facts that you can only learn by showing up.

So we assess noise levels, and we observe the streetscape during the day and the night. If there are any unusual issues, such as powerlines overhead, we make a note of it.

We consider everything from your future tenants’ point of view. Here are a few of the questions that we ask:

  • Are there good schools nearby?
  • What is parking like on the block in question?
  • What about public transport?
  • Is the phone reception working correctly? What about internet options?
  • What are the current demographics of the neighborhood?
  • Are the local businesses doing well or are they struggling

To get a really clear picture of the neighbourhood, we talk to the town planner and the council officer. We also make sure to visit the local information booth for more on-the-ground knowledge of the area.

All of this information helps us prepare a selection of potential properties for you. But location isn’t everything.

Step 3:


Our team also devotes a great deal of effort into finding the best builders and contractors to make our clients’ vision a reality.

We have great relationships with a number of builders and contractors who do amazing work on schedule and budget. But in some cases, it’s important to find new builders and establish new connections.

Our research allows us to choose the very best in builders and developers to work with you on your investment property. We interview and help you choose the perfect property managers.

Step 4:


If this isn’t your first investment property, you already know how much paperwork is involved in making the acquisition happen.

Taking care of that for you is a significant part of our service.

Like Helen Agius and many other clients, you can manage the entire process over the phone or internet. We’ll keep you in touch with everything that’s going on, making sure you have easy access to the information that you need.

Our qualified builder monitors the entire build process for you which means that you don’t have to. As well as keeping you informed with photos and inspection reports, our team will also arrange for you to have regular site visits yourself should you wish to.

Most of our clients have said that our approach was a significant relief. We have helped a number of investors shoulder the burdens that come with buying property.

But our service doesn’t end there.

Step 5:


After you have acquired an investment property, it takes a fair bit of effort to maintain it. There are building quality issues to consider, as well as tenants to deal with.

Think Investment Realty can address these issues and help with the ongoing management of your investment.

We have our own building inspector, who will assess the property during the build process and at handover. We also have an inspection and maintenance service so we can also take part in the maintenance process. Our entire team is at your service, and you can rest easy knowing your new property is safe from any sudden changes.


At Think Investment Realty, we care about giving you all the information you need to make the best choice.

Our dedication to transparency starts before you have hired us. We are happy to answer any further questions about our process and services.

If you wish to know anything more, don’t hesitate to drop us a line, or give us a call.

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