QGC looking beyond the build

The QCLNG project will convert CSG to liquefied gas for export for at least 30 years, and will have running costs of around $150 million a year.

It is one of four similar plants expected to be built on Curtis Island.

Procurement manager with QGC Alex Marshall spoke to more than 200 business people at a Gladstone Engineering Alliance (GEA) update in the port city yesterday.

More than 90 business people travelled from the Surat Basin for the event as part of an organised tour.

The fact that operations procurement is now a topic for discussion underscores just how quickly the construction phase of Gladstone’s LNG plants is progressing.

The total workforce has peaked this year at around 7500 people, of which more than 6000 are currently employed directly on Curtis Island, building the three committed LNG plants.

On its own, QGC says it currently employs 12,000 people across Gladstone and the gas fields and has spent nearly $15 billion so far on developing its gas project.

With QGC expecting to see first gas production in the next three months, Mr Marshall said there would be continued opportunity for local businesses after the construction period ends.

“As we transition to an operations phase, the project will have its own experiences and opportunities,” he told the GEA conference.

“Some of the opportunities that will come up in the next 18 months are going to be in the area of maintenance, engineering and inspection.

“A lot of people only think about the technical opportunities, but there are also going to be opportunities in the the less obvious areas like consultancy, training, and catering.

“Our role in procurement is to make sure that we identify as many businesses as possible who can supply what we need, so that we can guarantee supply when its needed and to get the best commercial outcome.

“From our point of view we want a smaller number of contracts that we can manage effectively, but we are looking to partner with people for 30 years so we want to make the right partnerships the first time.”

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