Rockhampton gears to ride next mining boom

ANY suggestion of a mining downturn is reaching deaf ears on Rockhampton region councillors who say it’s just the beginning of growth for the region.

Cr Neil Fisher, chair of Rockhampton Regional Council’s Resource Industry Committee, said the region had missed many opportunities over the past 40 years and he was determined not to miss this one.

“We read the mining boom is over, but we are sitting in the luckiest part of Australia when you see what’s about to happen due west of us … we’re starting to see goals being kicked.”

“I want Rockhampton to be first in as we go back into a very active resource sector.

“Our advice is, as soon as industry hits the bottom is the time to start preparations for the next mining boom and that’s what council is doing.”

Yesterday, Cr Fisher attended a Bowen Basin Mining Club lunch with representatives from the resources sector.

“It’s very much about sowing seeds,” he said.

“Rockhampton region hasn’t been thought of as a first port of call for housing … but when we start talking, we tick all the main boxes many of these operations are looking for.

“Things are starting to fall in place very quickly, and we need to act.”

Senior geologist from the Department of Natural Resources and Mining Celeste Cronin-Stacey was guest speaker at yesterday’s lunch and Cr Fisher said “everyone was a little bit stunned at the number of projects being developed”.

At Tuesday’s council meeting Mayor Margaret Strelow said Rockhampton region was at the get-ready stage for the next push in development.

She has been in four boardroom meetings in the past three weeks and met twice with Queensland Resources Council CEO Michael Roche.

“This is just the beginning for Rockhampton region,” she said.

Cr Fisher is also meeting with the manager of Rockhampton Airport and airlines to discuss airline services flying directly to Rockhampton from the west.

He said currently to get from Moranbah to Rockhampton, passengers need to fly via Brisbane.

“We need to put more effort into business planning with airlines to bring east-west flights straight into Rockhampton and then connect north or south.

“It’s been very positive with one of the airlines, but there’s a lot more homework to do,” he said.

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