Thiess bags $1.8b CSG Contract

It’s just bagged a $1.8 billion contract to build the infrastructure, and Thiess managing director Bruce Munro couldn’t be happier.

“Ah terrific, this is a good day,” he said at the signing of the contract on Friday.

“We’ve been working on this for two years with QGC.”

The new work takes over from a $325 million contract signed last year to build six field compression stations and one central processing plant in the Surat Basin.

Currently, the company has 1000 workers on the job, but that will increase to 2,600 by early next year as the contractor takes on all civil, mechanical, piping, instrument and electrical work in
constructing and pre-commissioning the facilities.

“This is a huge challenge,” said Mr Munro.

“I mean, we can talk about 18 field compression stations and four processing plants [but] a lot of people don’t comprehend what that actually means. When you convert it just to dollars this is $1.8 billion dollars to be spent in 15 months….

“That’s over $100,000 million a month of managed expenditure that’s got to be done to finish this plant on site and that is an enormous challenge so we’re going to have to work closely together.”

It’s a massive amount of workers required almost immediately, and a spokesman for Thiess told the WINO the company was focussed on using its own people first and foremost.

“We’re focussing on people who are coming off Thiess projects that are wrapping up,” he said, pointing to projects like the construction of BMA’s Caval Ridge mine which the company has been involved in.
“We are looking for people who have worked on mining construction projects as their skills are very much applicable. Not so much those from a mining operations background, but those who have worked in construction would be very valuable.”

He said anyone interested in working on the project should go to the Thiess website and register.

The new facilities will be built near Dalby, Chinchilla and Wandoan and will eventually process the gas that will be transported via an underground pipeline to Gladstone, where it will be liquefied.

The project should be completed by November next year.

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