[Video] Brisbane property market sees weekly rents rise

Being a successful property investor often means rolling up your sleeves and putting in some hard work. But it also means keeping an eye on rental markets that are performing well.

And encouragingly, new results from RP Data marked out parts of Queensland as showing strong results.

Over the year to the September 2014 quarter, RP Data found rents for Brisbane houses and units have increased by 1.3 per cent.

Currently, investors can look forward to pocketing $400 per week for houses, and $390 per week for units.

However, as units tend to have a lower price tag than houses, they could be a top pick for savvy investors looking to add to their portfolio.

Depending on your investment strategy, the amount of rent your property earns can be a huge make-or-break factor. But remember, in order to be a real success story in property investment, you need to get the right property education before you start!

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