[Video] Consumers Expect House Prices to rise in Australia


Now that we’re well into spring, it isn’t just the weather that’s beginning to warm up – Australian consumers think house prices will get hotter, too.

September figures from Westpac and the Melbourne Institute show that more people think property prices will head upwards. And compared to July last year, the number of people who expect homes to be more expensive has shot up significantly. 

Interestingly, it was Queensland that was pointed out as the most optimistic state for price rises, followed by Western Australia and then Victoria. 

Looking ahead to the future, most Australians who were surveyed predict house prices will rise by less than 10 per cent, which will surely be welcomed by investors. 

Property sales have already picked up across Queensland, showing that buyers are snapping up homes quickly before prices rise again. 

Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast have been the star performers for townhouse and unit sales, which might signal great places for investors to cast their eye.

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