[Video] Consumers expect prices to rise in Australia

When you buy investment property in Queensland, there’s a number of things you can do with it.

You can positively gear it and enjoy cashflow from renters, or manage a negatively geared property – where rent price levels are below home loan repayments.

Negatively geared real estate can offer great benefits in the form of tax breaks. It is currently under scrutiny from the Australian government, who are investigating impacts it has on the market.

However, recently the The Real Estate Institute of Australia has said that negative gearing is great for boosting the supply of homes in Australia, which could lead to some great benefits through more renter demand in the market.

The industry body wants the government to keep negative gearing going, to promote investment across the nation. This could mean some great opportunities for Queensland buyers.

Whatever works best for you, keeping investment open as an option is a great idea in 2015.

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