[Video] Increased interest in regional queensland market

While Brisbane is one of the top cities that property investors gravitate towards, it seems that regional parts of Queensland are becoming hotspots for investment too.

New figures from the Real Estate Institute of Queensland have shown that sales have picked up significantly in some regional towns in the Sunshine State.

Over the September quarter, the real estate institute found Mackay and Rockhampton were two of the regional leaders for sales.

These towns experienced an upswing of 14 per cent and 6 per cent, respectively, for house sales.

As property transactions have risen, it’s clear there is demand for property in these northern regions of Queensland.

Property investors looking for a strong place to invest may want to head to where the demand is, as activity like this can help push up home values in the long run.

And with low interest rates on your side, the New Year might be the time to take action!

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